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Main » 2013 » August » 14 » Are Aliens Real
12:54 PM
Are Aliens Real
Are Aliens real?

Well Are aliens real or are they something that us humans like to believe exist. 

There is no evidence which can guarantee that aliens exist, but this does not mean that aliens are not real. There is plenty of evidence that suggests they do exist and may have even once visited our planet Earth. 

As I said none of this evidence is enough proof to say aliens exist, but it is unxeplainable so it is still open for investigaion. The majority of videos and photographs are never acceptable as they are one of the easiest things to edit using a pc with the correct software. I believe the only way everyone would believe they exist is if a real life alien or maybe even a deceased alien would be enough.

Some people believe they have been abducted by aliens and even sometimes on several occasions. Some of these accounts were only spoke about when the patient was under hypnosis. It has been said that some aliens may have used some device that would try to make the person forget about what happened, or may possibly have been so traumatic that the brain blocked the memory out. Some abductees claim to have had implants put insided there body, but once examined the objects was not proved to be of an extraterrestrial origin. 

UFO's have you ever seen a UFO in the air. These are also not classed as valid evidence because anything could be accountable for these, as they are unidentified. Most skeptics believe that it is secret military aircraft. As we can only travel through space pretty slowly considering its size and we can not prove that a wormhole also knowns as a "door in space" is possible we dismiss the possibility that another race may be able to either travel faster or has mastered the complex of a wormhole. 

There is a very small amount of UFO investigators who actually say that UFO's are actually time travelers. They believe that the UFO is being manned by someone visiting us from the future for reasons we do not know.There have been a number of stories which suggest people have literally vanished from the face of the earth somehow. Until one of these "missing people" return  with some sort of concrete evidence suggesting they have travelled through time or space it does not matter. 

Investigators say that radar and other data exist which has proven alien visitations, but say that top government officials have hidden this information from the general public.

None of this proves that aliens are real or not it just proves until there is enough evidence there will allways be an argument between the believers and skeptics.

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