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UFOs - Pilot Reports

UFOs and Planes

Often, UFO reports are judged by who made them. Some reporters are just trusted more than others. Here, we are looking at cases that involve pilot reports. Check out some of the best.

Notable Pilot Reports

Pilot Encounters Unknown Craft over Lake Michigan

Tuesday August 13, 2013
Here is a great article derived from a 1981 pilot statement. Over Lake Michigan, Captain Phil Schultz, 54, was flying a TWA flight heading from San Francisco to JFK in New York.

In a fairly clear sky, it happened; "A large, round, silver, metal object descended into the atmosphere from above and to the left of my airplane to about 40,000 feet overhead and passed off to my left," Schultz stated.

Check out all of the details at Pilot Encounters Unknown Craft over Lake Michigan, and be sure to add your comments.

Multiple UFOs Seen over Luxor Hotel

Sunday August 11, 2013
In July, a very interesting video was shown on Youtube and other video sites. The video was compiled from several that were captured by a man from London.

What they appear to show are many unknown objects over the Luxor Casino in Las Vegas. The verdict on the shots is quite diverse, with some claiming to see many UFOs, while others say what is shown is nothing more than birds eating moths.

Take a look at Multiple UFOs Seen Over Luxor Hotel In Las Vegas, and see what you think.

UFO Moves at Great Speed over Missouri

Friday August 9, 2013
Our latest article comes from the National UFO Reporting Center. Mr. Davenport, the director tells us that the eyewitness is a very intelligent and reliable witness.

His report is about a UFO sighting that occurred in St. Louis, Missouri on June 4, this year. As he was sitting in a fast food restaurant parking lot, he spotted an unknown object in the sky moving in a circular motion.

See the rest of his great report at UFO Moves at Great Speed over Missouri, and your comments are welcome.

Reader Submits Sighting in Virginia

Wednesday August 7, 2013
The following information was sent to me by a reader in reference to the article Police Helicopter and UFO Dogfight.

This reminds me of something I witnessed several years ago. In Broadford, VA, 8 miles north of my hometown, Saltville is the largest electrical substation on the east coast.

It handles millions of volts and switches power back and forth between southwest Virginia, and Ohio. One night, I and 2 friends were riding around sipping beer as country boys are apt to do.

Now being veteran beer drinkers and only having a couple apiece, we were NOT drunk. If you put it in, you have to let it out, so we stopped at the gate to the substation to do so.

While standing there, we observed a strange light come through the sky over the substation. Out of nowhere there appeared 2 jets; I assume they were military jets, because of engine sound, speed, and the fact it was a pair.

They came up one on each side of the object. They kept pace for a good distance, then without slowing down the object shot straight back between the jets.

The 2 jets and the object kept circling and repeating this maneuver 3 times, before the object took off due north leaving the jets behind.

Thanks to Rusty

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